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Παρασκευή, Μαρτίου 30, 2007

When the going gets tough, οι τριακόσιοι γίνονται μύριοι

While dilettantes believe the attack is the most difficult military art, most soldiers know better. Carrying out a successful retreat is usually far harder.

One of history's most successful retreats, and certainly its most famous, is the "Retreat of the 10,000." In 401 B.C., 10,000 Greek hoplites hired themselves out as mercenaries to a Persian prince, Cyrus the Younger, who was making a grab for the Peacock Throne. Inconveniently, after the Greeks were deep in Persia, Cyrus was killed. The hoplites' leader, Xenophon, the first gentleman of war, led his men on an epic retreat through Kurdish country to the coast and home. Surprisingly, most of them made it. Safely back in Athens, Xenophon wrote up his army's story, cleverly titling it the Anabasis, which means the advance. It was not the last retreat so labeled.
Μετά ο Ουίλιαμ δίνει συμβουλές για την Operation Anabasis. Σύντομα και στο box office εύχομαι.

ακίνδυνο τραγουδάκι, όχι αυτό που περιμένεις