or simply "pissing around and pissing us off", according to a certain individual.

Πέμπτη, Μαρτίου 15, 2007

Εικονογραφημένη εφαρμογή της θεωρίας της εξέλιξης, στην καθημερινή ζωή

Έτσι, για να κλείσουν τα στόματα των έξαλλα φωνασκούντων επαγγελματιών κινδυνολόγων, να ξαναβρεί η πατρίδα μας το χαμένο βηματισμό της μέσα στην Ιστορία, βρε αδερφέ (δάκρυσα)


  1. A term to describe quick sexual intercourse which includes the man not taking off his pants and alot of dry humping. This term is commonly used by english teachers like Mr. Fetterman

    In the Mel Gibson version Hamlet boffed his mother

  2. A specific type of sexual intercourse having all of the following qualifications: 1) It is super high speed 2) At least one of the participants does not know the others name. 3) The male's trousers are not complely removed. Also, some definitions require the intercouse to take place at the Kimwood Apartments

    I boffed some bitch at a lame party.