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Κυριακή, Μαρτίου 18, 2007

the war began at our initiative

"the war began at our initiative and we did not take advantage of the benefits granted to the initiator."
Διαμαντάκι από την τις-πταίει-έκθεση του στρατηγού Herzl Shafir. Από την Haaretz, μέσω Google News, μέσω d-n-i.

Θυμάμαι κάποιους να σκίζουν τα ρούχα τους, με την ανορθολογική στάση που επιδείξαμε ως έθνος και ως ανθρωποι, εισέτι μίαν :-) Επειδή τα γκάλοπ καταγράφανε την πεποίθηση του περιώνυμου και κατάπτυστου "97%" ότι το Ισραήλ ξεκίνησε τον πόλεμο.

Οπωσδήποτε πρέπει να ληφθούν μέτρα. Από τους ράφτες των φιλελευθέρων εννοώ. Χρυσές δουλειές θα κάνουν πάλι.

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Mirandolina είπε...

Είσαι μαζί ομού και ταυτοχρόνως ο Ακιχίκο Ιζουκούρα κι η Τζούνυα Ουατανάμπε της ευλογόσφαιρας.

akindynos είπε...

Για τον Ακιχίκο ευχαριστώ πολύ. Και για την Τζούνυα ευχαριστώ, αλλά διατηρώ και μια μικρή επιφύλαξη.

Mirandolina είπε...

o o o o -- παραδρομή (γραφω για μεταγραφώματα και πρωτεώματα - άστα...)

akindynos είπε...

Ήρεμη δύναμη εύχομαι

alex z είπε...

Gabriel Kolko (με πεντακάθαρο μυαλό):

"..In the past, wars produced victories and more territory for the Jews; now they will only produce disasters for everybody. The Lebanon War proved that.

Zionism was a concoction of Viennese coffee houses, Tolstoy’s idealization of labor, early ecological sentiment in the form of the wanderfogel that influenced Zionism but various fascistic movements as well, militarism, and varieties of socialism for parts of it, including bolshevism. Jews sought to go to Palestine not only because of the Holocaust but also the changes in American immigration laws in the first half of the 1920s. Without the vast sums the Diaspora provided, Zionism would never have come to fruition. Every nation has its distinctive personality reflecting its traditions, pretensions, and history’s caprices, and in this regard Israel is no different. It exists but it is becoming increasingly dangerous to world peace – and to itself.

Zionism always had a military ethos, imposed only in part by Arab hostility, and from the inception of Zionism’s history its political and military leaders were one and the same. Generals were heroes and they did well in politics. The logic of force merged with an essentially Western, colonialist bias. Its founders were Europeans, and it was an outpost of European culture until the globalization of values and products made these cultural distinctions increasingly irrelevant. It always has been a militarist society, proud of its fighters. And notwithstanding the Cold War and the increasing flow of arms from the US, which, merged with its élan, meant it won all its post-1947 wars until last summer, it still retains a strong element of hysteria about the world it faced. And it is often messianic – especially its politicians – because messianism is very much influential among a growing portion of the religious and traditional population.."
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