or simply "pissing around and pissing us off", according to a certain individual.

Σάββατο, Μαρτίου 03, 2007

Γουικιντόλοτζι ή Σαϊεντοπήντια;

Η συνεισφορά μου στη Γουικιπαίδεια είναι μόλις μια διόρθωση σ' ένα άρθρο. Δεν μπορώ να πω ότι νιώθω τη καυτή ανάσα των Ερινύων στο σβέρκο μου. Αλλά είναι αλήθεια πως αισθάνομαι λίγο περίεργα στην ιδέα ότι μπορεί να είχα αναμιχθεί ενεργά.

It doesn't matter that Essjay lied to the New Yorker reporter about his credentials, making Wikipedia look good to the media - a matter Wales has known about for weeks. No mention of the dishonesty of using degree falsification to endorse Wikipedia in a letter to a professor. That's lying to those outside The Family.

But he used his false credentials in content disputes. That's serious! It's an IN-WORLD offense! It's inside The Family.

Wikipedia's Value System του Seth Finklestein.