or simply "pissing around and pissing us off", according to a certain individual.

Τρίτη, Μαΐου 29, 2007

Αιματολογικό τεστ ελληνικότητας

Αν είσαι Έλληνας, δια χειρός Chris TDAQ από Zompist μέσω oldnewthing (σταχυολογώ)

  • You know about the concept of freedom of speech but you think it applies only to yourself.
  • You live in a secular country but you believe in God, and 'of course' you are Christian Orthodox. BUT: You don't observe fast days, you swear like a bargee and afterwards you make the sign of the cross-- fortunately your God is a good fellow and will forgive you after all. You believe that the Orthodox Church owns a great deal of property (movable and landed) and Orthodox priests still have a plenty of influence.
  • Your mum does your laundry in a washing machine, up till your 30s. You 'll always be "her naughty little boy/girl", even if you are a pensioner.
  • School is free but expensive. It lasts 9 years (12, including senior high).
  • If a man has sex with another man, he's a homosexual. That's OK, as long as he doesn't share this information with others.
  • You studied ancient, medieval (Byzantine), and modern Greek history at school. This situation led you to conclude that until WW I, there were no other nations on the planet. But despite these school-based efforts, you know almost nothing about Greek history either.
  • The Albanians are an uncivilized people, born thieves, who hate you because they want to build Greater Albania.
  • The Macedonians are an uncivilized people, distorters of history, who hate you because they want to build Greater Macedonia.
  • The Bulgarians surely want to build a Greater Bulgaria, but they are too damn poor to put their dark plans into practice.
  • The Turks are bad fellows who committed all sorts of atrocities against you since 1453-- to say nothing of the Cyprus issue; of course they want to build Greater Turkey.
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