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Τρίτη, Ιουνίου 05, 2007

Λήξη συναγερμού, πάλι δεύτεροι και καταϊδρωμένοι

Ο Μικ γράφει: massive police operation to stop art exhibition

Saturday 19th May 9pm
Has London gone anti-arts and culture?
The Metropolitan Police have today launched a major operation, which includes the cordoning of two public roads and involving the use of a considerable number of police officers and vehicles. Resulting in a stand off lasting over 12 hours so far, (at 8pm), the police operation has managed to prevent anyone entering on the last day of a highly successful and inspirational art exhibition.

Yes, read that again … an Art Exhibition …
Αν θυμάμαι καλά το βίντεο από τα δικά μας δείχνει 2 (δύο) αστυνομικούς. Και αυτό χαρακτηρίζεται εισβολή. Βέβαια όταν η γυναίκα που χαιδεύεται με υπόκρουση Μάντζαρου, προσλαμβάνεται από ορισμένους ως άνδρας που χύνει σε σημαία, νομίζω πως δικαιολογείται μια προσωρινή απώλεια της αίσθησης της αναλογίας.

Ο Μπλα, που γράφει τέσσερεις ώρες νωρίτερα από τον Μικ, δίνει τη δική του και-γαμώ εικόνα
Today was the last day of the exhibition which opened on the 16th May and involves the work of over a dozen artists from around the country. The security were assulting people attempting to enter the site and the police were called. Over the course of several hours the police attempted to figure out where the law stood on having security guards obstructing the public footpath in order to prevent people from entering a building which was lawfully occupied by someone other than the owner instructing the security firm.

While the first police to turn up instructed that it was a civil mater until the point of assult or obstruction, the security continued as before as soon as the police left. The second set of police to arrive took a more pragmatic approach. They said they'd do nothing until given advice from higher up and while they were there the security were forced to step back from pulling people off the fences when they climbed over.

Meanwhile, inside, kids played on a bouncy castle in the sunshine and people wandered around looking at the wide variety of art decorating the large commerical building. Workshops were also taking place around the building and there was a schedual of films and experimental performances.

Shortly before I left, higher ranking police had arrived and were expressing concern that they would be an unlicensed rave taking place in the building that evening as that's what they were being told by the security firm. The police asked if they could have a look around but after a period of discussion those inside said no.

As I left at around 6pm, the situation remained that people wanting to enter the property had to climb over a ladder tied to the fence and could do so without obstruction from either security or police. It was not clear what would happen next but the exhibition is well worth a visit.

Το κάστρο

Τα πιτσιρίκια

Shiny Happy People (κι ένας βλάκας)

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Την επομένη ο Ρίκυ, στα σχόλια του Μπλα, αφήνει να καταλάβουμε ότι τελικά δεν ήταν και η συντέλεια του κόσμου. Δεν αποκλείω να του έκατσε και κανένα τυχερό
After a while, one police officer was shown around. When she returned to the gates, we had a chat and she stated that she was "impressed" with what was going on, and everyone had a cheer etc.
She asked if she could see a flyer for the exhibition and she was told there was no flyer because we are all friends. She was, however, shown a flyer for the after party, and I heard her read aloud, "in a secret location". hahaha, man, that made me piss with laughter.

Annnyhow, people were stopped from being aloud in altogether, and the roads were blocked, but a huge crowd (we were informed of approx 200 people) gathered and partied at the end of the road for us.

There were a few people who were concerned about the noise they were making though, as they thought that loud noise was not what they wanted attracting people to this kind of event.

However, the noise carried on and the shows started to a small, but happy audience. The whole vibe of the whole day was incredible. It was so relaxing, and so inspirational to see so many incredible pieces of work by genuine, real artists.

There's probably more, but I still haven't been to sleep yet.
Αρχικά ήθελα να γράψω κάτι σπουδαιοφανές περί τέχνης, εμπορεύματος, να βάλω μέσα εστιατόρια, βραστούς σκύλους, τη Ρέιτσελ (!). Ευτυχώς δεν χρειάστηκε.