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Κυριακή, Απριλίου 08, 2007

Πως να κρυφτείς απ' τους γονείς

έτσι κι αλλιώς τα ξέρουν όλα

A young student, whom I will call "Billy", returned from school the day of the earthquake (which struck in mid-morning).

Billy: "Hi, Mom. I'm home."
Mom: "Hi, Billy. How was school today?"
Billy: (trying to sound nonchalant) "Nothing much."
Mom: "What about the earthquake?"
Billy: (surprised) "Who told you about the earthquake?!"

Αφιερωμένο στις φωτεινές παντογνώστριες μαμάδες. Ξεκινούν από κάτι αθώο, ένα σεισμό. Και μετά ο κατήφορος δεν έχει σταματημό. Ως και στα βήματα φτάνουν να κλέβουν.

Από τα σχόλια

My 3-year old daughter's quote from the same earthquake - "Mommy, tell Daddy to tell God to stop shaking the house!"

The management chain is clear in the mind of a 3-year old.
It sounds like the 3 year old knows that "daddy" is higher on the chain than "mommy" (somethings mixed up there... ;) ) and that "god" is higher than "daddy", so she makes the connection. It doesn't sound like doctrine, I doubt John has said that only he can speak to God, the child just made the incorrect connection (such things happen in neural networks)

If we want the management chain correctly, though, it should be "Mommy, tell Daddy to tell the preacher to tell the archbishop to tell the pope to tell an angel to tell and archangel to tell a principality to tell a domination to tell a seraphim to tell God to stop shaking our house." There's an order to these things, you know. ;)

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