or simply "pissing around and pissing us off", according to a certain individual.

Πέμπτη, Ιανουαρίου 18, 2007

Τα κομμάτια του μωσαϊκού μπήκαν στη θέση τους

Το περιοδικό της αμερικανικής πρεσβείας βγήκε επιτέλους στον αέρα.

Ανάμεσα στα άλλα A keyboard, a telephone line, and pajamas. All you need to start a blog!, μίνι συνέντευξη με πέντε μπλόγκερ τεσσάρων μπλογκ. Ήγουν Art Attack, Reality Tape, Digital Era και Alexis Stamatis

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oistros είπε...

Πολύ μ' αρέσει που οι μπλόκερς πάνε .. παντού. Όπως Coca Cola :)
Άσχετο: Στείλτε μου ένα μέηλ, σας χρειάζομαι για κάτι :)

Alex Z. είπε...

I am one of these misinformed, by the local media, Greeks that are thirsty for reading in a subtle manner the american views on every aspect of life, views that could only be presented by the designated unofficial blog site of the American Embassy.

As we all know, the life and history of the US is systematically misrepresented by
the hideous antiamericanism that flourishes unexplicably in our country for decades now.

Logical thinking about the US by a number of credible Greek politicians (e.g. the Mitsotakis and the Papandreou families) and intellectuals (e.g Mr Andrianopoulos, Mr Mandravellis, Mr Pretenderis, Mr Dimou etc) has met a constant failure to appeal due to the antiamerican savagery of the greek public, ultimately arising basic questions about its ability comprehending basic realities of today's world.

It is really awesome that the Embassy staff had the initiative to go public in collaboration with distinct greek bloggers so as to present to the evergrowing greek internet community the feats and miracles of the US.

I am really touched by this decision which for sure will open new windows of knowledge and why not, of entertainment for the greek internet public.I propose that Mosaico.gr will be also edited in Albanian, Russian, Bulgarian, Rumanian, Turkish, Urdu and Arabic for our refugee community in our country as also it should be published as a hardcopy fanzine and be distributed through the Athinaiko praktoreio channels to all the kiosks in Greece. I am sure that it will ultimately meet success in the not so distant future.

May the Allmighty keep you and your country well and going about your bussiness.

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akindynos είπε...

Hi Alex!

At last, we see the human face of the Embassy! Sensitive, warm, colorful. Never mind the propaganda of the antiamerican mob. They just hate our freedom, our women and our credit cards.

Until now they could spread their monstrous lies without opposition.

Not anymore. Now they will be confronted with our monstrous l... eeeh, I mean with our modest values and virtues.

They shall fail, we shall prevail.

It's really sad that Mosaiko's first coincided with Andrianopoulos' formal deposition from parliament.

Andreas, we miss you so much. One bites the dust, thousands join the struggle.

alex z. είπε...

Thank you Akindynos, for your warm comraderie. I think we the logical subserviant ..eeer, mindless ..eer mean mindfull Greeks, can form some kind of a local holy western alliance defending the right of presentation of the oppressed here in Greece, American View of the world. We shall prevail with the right person in the right position, Ha! just think of who will be PM in few years time: either the tall daughter or the bald kid - both ours.

Sincerely Yours