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Τρίτη, Νοεμβρίου 14, 2006

God's Gonna Cut You Down

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HKGrayghost (1 day ago)
The man in black should in NO way be associated with that poor excuse for an actual musician.
The one part I did like is that only people than John knew were allowed to sing the words: Kris Kristofferson, Chris Rock, Shelby Lynn, etc.
NICKKEYY (22 hours ago)
not only is that a good song its a good video,jay-z, kanye west, chris tucker, kid rock, jonny depp!!!
magus746 (20 hours ago)
That list missed Chris Cornell in the video...
maggiethecat (20 hours ago)
I wish people could just ignore the people who are in it and just realize the video for what it is! I must admit I raised my eyebrow at a few of the random celebrities that were in there. I mean I never associated Kate Moss, or Chris Rock, or Owen Wilson with Johnny at all. I don't even know why they were in there? They don't even sing...at least Johnny Depp had enough common sense to bring his guitar along with him...
but hey it works.
EvFan1985 (19 hours ago)
Amy lee loooks Hawt! She should be a model
letussewourpants (18 hours ago)
i am all for staying on a beat but this is ridiculous. it's a choppy piece of last minute bs to "honor" johnny ca$h.
capo420420 (12 hours ago)
Whats ironic is this song is about moral integrity and it read like a list of people with no moral integrity and THATS NOT entirely accurate .. WHOEVER PRODUCED and scripted this is at least 75% of the issue here here .. that was something that was beyond control of the individuals .. really wasn't very fair to them either .. that's my 2 cent .. jeff
michichu81 (5 hours ago)
Johnny Cashs's haunting voice and this video fit so well. Incredible video. Clever, very clever.
radiomandan (5 hours ago)
Being in radio for teh past 15 years, I can appreciate this video...period. Thank you for keeping Johnny's music alive.
hgsbb (4 hours ago)
Who's the dude that intros the video? I liked how there was a couple Chili Peppers, but missed seeing my fave guitarist John Frusciante, who played rhythm on some Cash tracks. Oh ya Chris Cornell would have been awesome too, cuz Johnny did Soundgardens Rusty Cage. ;)


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